Dream Builder Pro in 2019

We are 100% off to a smashing start, heading now to the end out our second decade for this millennium.

Dream Builder is absolutely officially launched and proving stable in this new year. The software works on all devices and really is a cross platform application at it finest.

The Team Portal also works seamlessly with tracking of your team as it grows, your team points and of course your personal points.

Make sure that you are exploring your team portal using the exact same login as you do for Dream Builder Pro. You can either log in through the main menu, or save the URL as a separate login on your phone or computer.

Remember, the login is https://dreambuilderpro.team

MOST Importantly, you will find your personal affiliate link to help others join your team and to be a part of this powerful system.

All that you need to do is to place your user name at the end of the domain and the system will take care of the rest.


So for me, the user name looks like this: https://dreambuilderpro/app/r66/mikeking

r66 stands for Route 66. That famous highway that ends in Santa Monica Boulevard and is the highway of dreams.

Ensure that you put your user name at the very end, just as I have. Then new members will be guaranteed to be placed in your own global network.

This is how you build real income. A Global Team of Affiliates that you have no idea where it is going. Expanding into all areas of the globe.

So just share your link in all directions, check you Team Portal and watch your team and your income grow.

And don’t forget to use the shopping cart yourself to purchase incredible clothing and other items. I know that your Mum, Dad, Sister or Brother would love to get their hands on the latest HD Camera’s from the Dream Builder Pro Store.


 This is a nice piece of gear.

You can check it out at: https://www.dreambuilderpro.app?elementor_library=cameras-2

Great Points for this item.

We have some very cool upgrades on the way for Dream Builder Pro Software with slight modifications on Dream Weight, after some very valuable user feedback.

Also some very cool features with Dream Sharing that will allow you to really help others to build and achieve their dreams for real. A Pro Dream Builder loves to help other achieve their dreams and ambitions and this is what Dream Builder Pro was built for.

Share your link, sign up a tone of friends, going global with Dream Builder Pro.

There are no more barriers.

Thank you so much to all the members for your feedback and assistance to make this system grow so fast in the 2018 launch. 2019 really is setting us up for an amazing 2020 for us all.


Mike King

CEO and Founder.