Well Done!

You are now a Dream Builder Pro Member.

There are two parts to this Dream Builder Program:

  1. Creating and Building your own Dreams and Ambitions.
  2. Building a team of Dream Builders World Wide.

You will have received an email with all of your account details. You can log into the App and start creating your dreams and ambitions with your User Name and Password that you have set when registering.

Log in here: https://dreambuilderpro.app

You can also log into your Members Area again with your User Name and Password.


From here you can build and monitor your team.

But here is your most powerful marketing tool. Simply send your personal link to your friends and associates and recommend that they start up a Free Account.

Better still, get them to sign up and then work with them to build their first dream and give the software a test run. They are gonna love it and I guarantee you that nobody has ever done this with them before.

Care enough about them to help them through this as I hope your friend that introduced you to the software also did.

They are gonna love it. I guarantee you.

Then when they go to create their second dream, they are going to be prompted to join as either a Customer of yours with full use of the software, or they will decide to join your team and become a part of the Dream Builder Pro Generation.

But make sure that you have your user name spelled correctly as the end of your link as follows:


For me, my member name is “mikeking”. so my personal domain looks like this. https://www.dreambuilderpro.appr66/mikeking. You are welcome to send this one if you would like to, but I recommend that you send the link with your member name on the end. Then when your referrals sign up, they will be in your team.

But don’t worry too much. You are gonna find all of the links you need to sharing out to your friends in the members are. The way to test your site is simply to check the side of the page and look for this little tab that will show up. This means that when your referrals sign up of purchase the software, the you will be the one acknowledged with a commission payment.

Tab on left. Then when you click the tab, it will open up with your details, social links and anything else you want to place in there to promote your site.

I really want to see you build a big global team. You never know who knows who and where it is going to take you. There is no limit with Dream Builder Pro!

So go ahead, log in and start creating your dreams, share your personal link and explore your members area login to find the tools you have at hand, and to fill in your own personal contact details.

I will see you real soon in the Members Area and through building a great future together.

All my love and wishes for a prosperous future for you.

Mike King

Founder and CEO